Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some Photos of Native American Indians

An Indian Invocation. It was made in 1907 by Edward S. Curtis.

A group Navajo Native Americans pose outdoors near an unhitched wagon at Shiprock, New Mexico. Photographed between 1890 and 1908.

                                   Antique Photograph - Ah-Keah-Boat (Two Hatchet) - Kiowa - 1898
                                                  Asparoke Indians at winter camp in 1908
                                                       Big Mouth Hawk - Arapaho 1872
                                                           Black Otter- Arapahoe
                                                      Bone Necklace - Oglala - 1899
                                                                   Buffalo head dress
                                               Comes Out Holy - Oglala - 1904
 Chiricahua Apache woman in Native Dress with Infant in Cradleboard. Photographed 1882. - National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.
                                                          Chiricahua, Fort Sill. Young girl
Indian girl in native dress